Monday, June 27, 2011

The Night B4 r Wedding

So you've returned 4 more, well thank you haha..
So reading my 1st blog, its all about me and my hubby finding eachother and falling in love and *gag* rite..haha im kidding, it was all true BTW... but let me get into something a bit deeper, it wasnt all fun and games. The nite i told my sisters i was getting married, none of them supported me. 4 the 1st year of my marriage all i had was my mom, Bryan and suprisingly enough Amy (she eventually came around), well and of course my lil sister (but she was 8 did she have a choice?!). My dad and 2nd Sister Jennifer Showed up 2 Bryans moms house the night b4 the wedding, i knew he wasnt happy i was getting married on a whim, and well jen had her own wierd crazy "christian" and then "not so christian" reasons 2 try and stop us 4rm getting married....So here it goes....
My mom had came out 2 az 2 help get the wedding in order, i mean come on it was planned in less then a month, i needed all the help i could get! and we had just gotten bak from all the shopping, and were stopping by bryans moms house 2 get some stuff 2gether, we were doin a lil bachelorette party (yes i was 18, NO they didnt card me). well we get out of the car and me and bryan r standing there talking and all of a sudden, i c my dad and sister about ready 2 pull up.....ok hold on let me say this, although i knew bryan all those years he had met my dad maybe once or twice, but he didnt know how scarey that man could bak 2 my story i turn 2 bryan and tell him 2 go inside! and when he sees my dad getting out of that car he starts 2 turn around 2 go into the house but he wont leave my side, hes not sure if they're gonna throw me in a car and take off or my dad like seriously jumps out of the car and is r faces in a matter of seconds! he tells bryan, "can we go sum where 2 talk", and my first thought was "o god is hes gonna kill him!" (ya u dont know my dad) well lets make this story dad tells bryan "u end this, or i will end your life" and bryan refuses as im in the house screaming @ Jennifer telling her just 2 leave, that if they werent their 2 support me they needed 2 leave, my dad and bryan came bak in the house and we all went 2 war, US (my mom,me,bry,donna and theresa) vs MY DAD AND JEN! a screaming match i try hard 2 4get, becuz now looking bak it makes me wish id have come 2 some kind of agreement with them, just so my daddy could walk me down the isle...but this isnt a fairytale rite?! its reality and we dont always get what we brys mom threatens 2 call the cops (my dads on parole, wasnt even supposed 2 leave cali) and him and jen left and we went 2 "my last nite out as a single woman" and trust me we all got trashed...hey after the nite we had we needed it! (dont judge me) haha and  im sure u've realized we ended up getting married but i didnt hear from my dad or jen for months!

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