Thursday, October 13, 2011


This year we moved out of r apt in az and moved into brys sisters house...she broke up with her bf, got a house 2 prove 2 him she can do it then went bak 2 him...shes another story, i dont like her much but the house was just sitting there and we did need more space then a 3 bdrm apt. so we took on the payments and her bills, we had recently lost everything, i mean r cars, let go of our house, we had nothing that belonged 2 us anymore and moving into HER house, where the Bills were in HER name, it was like we had nothing anymore. she told us we can "buy" her other car from her so we took it, bry hadda get bak and forth 2 work rite?!

In February bryan finally quit IES, the company he had been @ 4ever, they wanted him 2 keep traveling and we just couldnt handle the distance anymore, so he manned up and quit :) he started working @ CTS and he was coming home @ decent times and life was great.

Valentines Day we sent balloons 2 grandpa
In March my Godson Michael Liam Larkin was born
Annnnnd SUPRISE im pregnant...

id uve kinda noticed, both times after bry got out of jail, i got knocked up, now hes finally home 4 good and sure as shit im pregnant.. he did that face 4 the camera, but he was excited, me..... not so much. i wasnt mentally ready 4 another baby, i couldnt stand the thought of my dad never meeting him/her. there was way 2 much emotion tied onto having another baby that all i did was cry. i took off in the car and cried hysterically..i didnt want it, i was not mentally ready 2 take this on. well the day im calling my fam 2 tell them im prego brys sister is calling bryan 2 say..yup shes knocked up 2, we had the same due dates and i reeeeaaaally didnt wanna b prego with her..i dont like her, y do i have 2 bond with her now?!! so when bry called his mom and his mom was telling him about donna being prego he says "wellll christins prego 2"..i bet his mom wanted 2 pass out LOL
OMG r family was adding 1 more, what the heck was i going 2 do?
In April its my 1st ultrasound and they tell me theres 2 babies! ok so i didnt want the 1, wtf was i supposed 2 do with 2 more?? i was prego in both uterus's, the 1 on the left is older then the 1 on the right, thats y they look so different, so ontop of everything, im not twins, in my case theyd b called singletons and they have 2 different due dates!!
so me and bry went home that nite and didnt know what the heck 2 think, but i knew i hadda get over my incredible sadness 4 these 2 babies, it wasnt their fault they were inside i accepted it, i accepted the fact that i was gonna have 5 kids and i convinced myself 2 b ok with it.

We celebrated Easter
we also went 2 cali 4 a visit, this is my dads dad, my grandpa teddy, there was something wierd about this visit with him, i told bry this will b the last time i ever c him...bry said u just feel like that cuz uve experienced death recently..but i knew, what i felt, so i took alot of pix with him <3
we stayed @ auntie amys house
we stopped by and saw auntie punky, this was my 1st time meeting kiedis :(
i hate that i live so far sometimes, i wish my kids could have there cousins like i always had mine around
auntie punky, kiedis and my girls, i think neners was sleeping

and when we got home emily gave herself a haircut, she was supposed 2 b taking a nap in our room and she was in our bathroom doing this 
i didnt know wether 2 LOL or cry or beat her! so i called my mom, when i was 5 i did the same thing 2 my mom, and she made me wear bonnets 4ever! so i took her 2 the hairstylist 2 c if she could fix it, and this is what became of it...i HATED it....ugh she looked like a boy!
So in May we went bak in 4 another ultrasound of the babies cuz i had sum bleeding and one of the babies wasnt there anymore, the younger one absorbed itslef bak into my body, i was really sad. i lost a baby i built myself up 4. i had 2 convince myself now that maybe my dad needed some1 with him 2 :/ @ this apt the doc told me that we needed 2 start talking about some birthcontrol methods, i didnt undertsand y till she said.."this baby isnt gonna make it past 4 mths, u have 2 prepare urself that ur gonna lose it" i had bleeding @ the top of the uterus this baby was in and they said it was gonna irritate my uterus so bad, id miscarry it...i was angry with god, it brought bak all the hurt and pain and the not understanding of i went home and i cried, and i gave it 2 god, cuz i knew there was nothing i could do.
Annnd.. god protected that baby
heres me 5 mths prego, 1 mth after they told me this baby wouldnt survive and there it was still thriveing inside me and growing, dont get me wrong we were in and out of the hospital all the time
and we found out it was a GIRL! which of course i cried becuz i deperately wanted a boy..but SHE was still in there, so i was gonna b ok..and the battle of her name began...... haha
the 4th of July
August Emma started kindergarten 
it was so wierd 2 get her ready 4 school, and have her gone all day. My baby was growing up!

also in August i was getting bigger
we got r 1st dog...stupid dog is what i call him but his real name is Buddy LOL
And Emma turned 5!
September we realized it was time 4 us 2 start looking 4 our OWN house, his sister was big drama all the time and it was about time we moved, and faaar away is what we were lookin 4, o btw did i mention that brys mom lived like 5 mins away and his sister lived about 4 mins away 4rm the house we were living was waaay 2 close 4 comfort, so we got the kids all ready 2 go check out a far away town closer 2 brys job.
and i kept gettin bigger
and so was she...her in my tummy with no name LOL
my mom,sisters jane, jen and grandma Molly came and thru me a baby shower
October Nate turned 2
we thru him a halloween party
me and donna both 8 1/2 mths
So November 3rd is my dads bday rite and November 2nd we get a phone call that brys sister who i reallly dont like and is having the boy i wanted, that shes going into the labor and delievery on the 3rd early in the morning, i was furious, i cried and becuz she got 2 choose the day, she knew that day was importnant 2 me, i wished awful things on her that nite b4 and that whole day, i wished she'd have an awfl devlievery and the baby wouldnt come out on the 3rd but come out the nxt day. i cried, i prayed and i begged that god wouldnt let that baby b born on MY DADS BDAY! she had a ruff delievery and they almost lost the baby but he was born on my dads bday and i was pisssssed!! excuse me 4 sounding so awful but, i had dealt with s much in a year that this was HUGE 2 me, thank god my mom came 2 stay with us so she can b there 4 the birth of baby Caroline...we didnt know her 1st name but we knew her middle name would b Caroline after her gramma Carol. My mom kinda made it easier 4 me, but i refused 2 c that kid.
November 20th our 6 year anniversary
we went out with my mom,jane and the kids 2 dinner and in the middle of dinner, i went into labor! bry told me "u better hurry and eat all ur food b4 we go" that was his excuse 2 finish his..isnt he so lovely LOL so after all that i was about 2 meet this suprise baby girl...i was so over being prego i was excited 2 b in labor LOL
Julia Caroline was born Nov 21st 2010, the moment i held her i just adored her, it kinda felt like a gift from my dad that its gonna b ok..Juju was my gift
Did i mention that i VOWED id have Julia on that date?? becuz it was his siters bday..haha gotcha bitch LOL i figured if i had julia on her bday she would never b important on that day again, it would always b more important 2 celebrate julias bday then donnas haha ok, ok maybe that part should have its own theme "vengence" music hehe

BUUT in all reality it was a special time, my mom had never been there 4 any of my other kidos, so 4 her 2 b here 4 julia and julia b her name sake it meant alot, and 4 jane 2 b there 2 c the birth was special 2, 1st times 4 alot of stuff and kinda a scared straight moment 2 hehe
2days later the kids get 2 meet their sister
there wasnt a time that i didnt think about baby #2, he/she was supposed 2 have been here with us in this moment <3

Thanksgiving my sister punky came out 2 meet Julia, the 1st of the aunties besides jane 2 c her, that was a special moment 4 me, punky had never seen any of my babies so lil
the 1st time kiedis and nener met <3
Then Auntie Jen came out after punky, kiedis and my mom all left
In December me and Julia i went 2 meet baby Scott

by the end of this month, me and brys sister had gotten into it so bad we hadda move out, and bry told his family they were no longer gonna b apart of our lives, all becuz we put $ down on a new house out in a far away town 1 1/2 hours away ;)

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  1. I can't believe you even had that many kids with the uterus you have! Miracles, every one of them! I especially love the last photos. SO sweet. Becoming a mommy is scary, but four times?! I can only imagine. But look at the perfection you and Bryan created. And the triumphs you've had to get where you are. One day you can tell your kids all about it.:) quite a story.