Friday, December 16, 2011

Naughty OR Nice

Seriously, y isnt there really a Santa, i think we could use some 1 else 2 swoop in and buy these lil monsters a bunch of gifts....but O NO, daddy has 2 bust his ass so mommy can blow it all on toys they kinda don't need, i keep looking @ all of the toys they have JUST SITTING THERE and i keep wanting 2 get rid of them, but the moment i start going thru them, i c the gift gamma bought them a couple years ago, the thing my dad (who passed away) gave them rite b4 he left, and i hear myself say, "but they love this 1" (even though i haven't seen them touch it in FOREVER!) when did i become a toy hoarder?! i used 2 be able 2 just pic up a toy and toss is, "o ur gonna fight over this" (toss it) "o ur not gonna share?" (toss it) "o u wanna fight with mommy about it b4 bed?" (toss it) and now things r just 2 sentimental...WTF? i wanna get rid of the clutter and the crap, i REALLY do, but Y cant i?  

then again if there was a Santa would my kids even get gifts?? or would they b considered Naughty? trust me im told ALL the time i have "GREAT" kids but some times i wonder, r they really that great?! haha 

(Emily example) 
UGH sometimes i wonder why Emily doesn't communicate like the other kids her age, she acts like she doesn't know how 2 talk well, i ask a question and her automatic response is "well ummmm, because" and i have 2 tell her "BECAUSE is NOT an answer" o man that drives me crazy! or Monday she comes home and tells me "i HAVE 2 wear yellow Friday" ...OK?! then i ask "why" and she says "well ummmm, because, i don't know" so Friday comes and i dress her all cute in yellow and @ 1:35 i get a text from my friend Katie whose emmas best friends mom (same class) shes asking me if im coming...i text bak "4 what?" and she says the kids r doing a concert @ 1:40.....uh r u freaking kidding me?? y didn't Emily tell me that they were gonna sing? now I look like a shitty mom, i got text left and right about y i missed it....SMH but honestly Emily's a really good girl, besides her lack of communication shes NOT a bad girl, she'd totally b on Santa's NICE list

(Kayla example) 
yesterday me and the hubby were sitting on our laptops on the couch and i hear the kids talking upstairs in the playroom, @ 1st im LOL cuz it sounds so funny then i hear Nathan say, "DON'T DO THAT" and i hear Kayla "but Julia always steals our toys, and she breaks our train tracks and she steals our babies" and Nathan and Emily r agreeing with her (like shes protesting), then she yells "that's why we don't like Julia" and THAT set me off, i went up stairs pissed and ready 2 send Kayla 2 her room (they have no toys in there room) but when i get up there i  find Julia locked in the tent playing with her toys (they turned it 2 face the wall so she "cant get out!!" o i raised hell, i was screaming @ every single 1 of them, then i notice Julia's got a scratch across her face and her nose is bleeding (ugh y didn't she cry?) and i ask "what happened" as i scream "BRYAN!!" he comes running upstairs and i ask Nathan (the rat) what happened 2 Julia's face, and he tells me "Kayla smacked her in the face with my dinosaur" ...i told Bryan 2 handle it cuz i wanted 2 pull a Homer Simpson and strangle her  i cant believe she would b THAT mean 2 my baby! ugh THAT is so a reason Santa wouldn't bring her gifts!

(Nathan example)
O my son Nathan, boys r sooo weird and so gross! the last couple lunch times and im starting 2 think it might just b Kayla whose obviously the instigator, Nathan has thrown his food @ Kayla, and i have no idea y! he throws his bowl on the floor, or his sandwich goes flying across the room @ Kayla and hits the wall, chips on the floor, juice in Kayla's hair! (r u freaking kidding me?) and then he gets sent 2 his room, nap time with NO LUNCH, but i wonder if hes the problem here, besides Nathan throwing (literally throwing stuff) hes a good boy, i feel bad for him because i tell him 2 suck it up allot, (hes a major crybaby) and my motto is "IF YOUR NOT BLEEDING OR YOUR NOT GOING 2 DIE, THEN I DON'T CARE", so now when he wants 2 cry he gets this huge cheeseburger grin on his face and runs and hides (maybe im doing this wrong?) anyways i think he'd be on Santa's NICE list 2  ..

Julias still 2 little, she can do NO wrong as far as mommy is concerned! haha
SO again i ask r THEY good kids LOL 

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  1. They're ALL good kids:) they're all in different stages of testing each other and you....It's how they learn! My opinion is if you tell your kids they're bad, they begin to believe they are and become bad. Always emit positive thoughts and the phases will be just that phases:) it must be a challenge with four! I love your humor, that'd be my saving grace too!