Sunday, September 25, 2011


year 3, we had alot of r 1st, 1st Christmas with r new baby, 1st new year, 1st valentines day we got a new apt with 2 rooms, Emily had her own now, and not that she was mobile she would play in her room, crawl out 2 the living room check on me ad Bryan and go right bak into her room. she was thee perfect r new apt. we ACTUALLY had furniture and everything seemed 2 b going so good. we got a new car, paid cash for and then it was stolen and then Bryan gets a call from work that he needs 2 go 2 court in Cali (another DUI 4rm the past). so we used his moms car and drove 2 cali and they locked him up again, another month is what he gets! so i leave the apt here in az, i stayed @ my moms but it wasn't long b4 she asked me 2 leave, i went 2 my dads but he was staying with my gramma @ the time, she actually paid me 2 leave, then i went 2 my sister Amys house and everywhere i went i seemed 2 b an inconvenience on them. not only was i not gonna leave Bryan while he was there in Cali jail, i had Emily and had 2 take care of her 2, so i went and stayed with my aunt and uncle in riverside, they took awsome care of me and emily, we had r own room and bathroom and they didnt make me pay 4 anything. they were a godsent. i waited until bryan got out
and we flew home! when we landed in az it was like all was alright with the world again. we had r  own space again and we were once again a family. there was never a moment where i imagined just leaving him there in cali. i knew he needed me and i wasnt leaving till i knew he was gonna b beside me. i struggled and had an awful time during that month but i knew regardless of what i was going thru out there, he had it worse in there. 

          A month after daddy got home.....
we found out we were prego of baby #2! bryan was so excited about Kayla, (he wanted another baby more then i did) but i knew it was gonna b another girl, my dream had told me that :) during my pregnnancy with kayla we moved into r very 1st house, it was a gorgeous 3 bdrm house, huge back yard and tons of room for r growing family. we got r very 1st financed car (sounds funny) but it was a huge step 4 us.

in august we had Emilys 1st Birthday

 January 8 2007 our Kayla Dyann was born, Kayla from the dream i had years prior 2 her being born and Dyann 4 2 reasons, Bryans sister that has passed away her name was Stephanie Dianne and my aunt who took us in when Bryan was in jail, Diana. 

^^ THAT baby changed r world, our emily was so excited 2 have sum1 2 "play" with, although in reality all emma did was poke her and throw toys @ her :)
 (this was emma warning her she'd beat her up if she acted up) 
emma was always r calm sweet girl, and kayla was r cry'er she hated being alone, she hated being put down, she was kinda difficult. but when she started 2 get mobile, her and emily were unseperable. they r still the same way, where ever emma is kayla is right behind her.
My girls; they were so funny 2 watch, seeing them 2gether made me happy i had them so close. Bryan continued 2 work and travel alot 2 New Mexico, as i stayed @ home with the girls, being a stay @ home mom 2, 2 toddlers was fun, although i became lonely. i found cafemom and met sum women, becuz as u all know a mama needs other mamas 2 talk 2. thru cafemom i met my best friend Annice.
it was so awesome 2 have sum1 else 2 talk 2 and she had a son kinda Emma's  age so our kids would play while me and her sat around and bs'd :) gosh i look @ the picture above and it kinda makes me sad, i was still so young (just turned 20) and it feels like it was so long ago, alot has happened since then, and circumstances made me have 2 grow up/change. 
Our Emma turned 2 in august.
as some of u know once u have a kid, the years just fly by.


  1. Aaaaw, how sweet. I bet you just reminisce away when you have more than one babe. I can only imagine! And I am so amazed and (happy) for you that you and Bryan have made it through the trials and things along the way... sweet.

  2. P.S. Baby Juju looks SO much like Kayla when she was a baby. I thought that was her!

  3. all my kids look so much alike when they were babies, except 4 nate, hes always just looked like a boy lol, and yup me and bry have been thru so much, im tryin my hardest 2 get thru all the years so i can just journal like u guys do on whats goin on with NOW :) im workin on year 3, got 4 1/2 more haha