Monday, September 26, 2011


Our fourthyear as a family, this was the year of many many changes. 
My husband got a job offer for us 2 move 2 New Mexico for a year, then we'd move bak 2 Az. Of course we took the offer, who doesnt love a new start?
We moved into a huge house. 5 bdrm 3 bthrm and my husband worked 5 mins away. life was going so good. 
 The hubby was making more money and we were living on top of the world. i made good friends with my neighbor Fawn, she had 6 kids and she made it look so easy. she was over all the time, or i was there. it was so nice 2 have company while my hubby was gone, and it was nice that r kids could play and keep eachother busy, although i have realized the more my kids r around other peoples kids, i REALLY like MY kids.

This year my Kayla turned 1
I found out i was prego with Nathan
this pic above, was @ my 1st baby shower in Cali for Nathan, i had ALOT of girl stuff, but i couldnt possibly put all that pink on him could i?! haha
this was r second shower that we had in new mexico, all this blue made it so surreal that it wasnt gonna b pink, purple, dresses and ruffles! what the heck was i gonna do with a BOY?!

Bryan got sent 2 work in Az, so i decided we'd all drive down there with him and take a trip bak 2 Cali. i dont get 2 spend much time with my family and with having kids it kills me, we were all so close growing up. i hate that they cant b apart of everything that goes on in my life. anyways lets get bak on track, while i was visiting in Cali., my dad ending up coming home with me. he was having a hard time being out in cali. and since i was so far away he could get away from all the craziness. ive always been a daddys girl so of course id do anything 2 take care of him.

Having my dad living with us was so awsome, for the longest time of my life my dad wasnt around, not by choice of course but 2 have him around now, made my world complete. my kayla was so attached 2 her "ba-ga", she didnt wanna have anything 2 do with me, she wanted him. they'd sit like the above pic, @ my table and listen 2 music, they had their own song they'd play all day long as kayla would sway bak and forth as "ba-ga" would sing 2 her.. Hank Williams- Im so lonesome i could cry. 2 this day she says thats her and her "ba-gas" song.
In October of 2008, we had r Nathan Keith, as grandpa stayed home with the girls
This year in August Emily turned 3, its so crazy how much and how fast they grow. this year was the 1st year she blew out her OWN candles :( 

In October r Nathan Keith was Born, as grandpa stayed home with the girls
daddy was so proud of his BOY
My Babies
Grandpas 1st time meeting his nener boy
u know being the 4th child in a family of 5 girls, and having 2 nieces 4rm my oldest sister Amy, 2 nieces from my 2nd sister Jennifer and having 2 girls of my own, the moment we found out i was having a boy, i was so excited, and so clueless all @ the same time haha. my main thought was OMG boys have neners, what the heck do u do with balls? how do u whipe um? honestly ALL OF US were soo clueless, it wasnt like i could call my mom, dad or sisters and ask 4 advice! when Nathan was born i had 2 learn it all myself and teach my sisters how 2 do it LOL

the moment we came home 4rm the hospital grandpa never put nathan down. Grandpa was so proud 2 have a boy in the family, and the fact that THIS was the 1st time my dad was around 2 meet 1 of my babies so soon after i had um, i was so excited 2. o and ps my dad gave Nathan the nickname Nener becuz of course he was the 1st NENER in the family.
 below is the pic of the day he came home, grandpa ripped him outta his carseat and hadda keep touching him and loving on him, and of course Kayla hadda b right there with grandpa <3
O my Nathan, u are so special 2 all of us
and in november we celebrated my dads 42nd bday, he was such a kid, asking all week long, "wheres my presents?" "is it my birthday yet?"
i loved this year,me and bry were doing great, although he was traveling 2 AZ alot. emily was getting older and getting 2 know her grandpa. the year of 1st with kayla, the 1st year in many i got 2 spend the holidays with my dad, and the 1st boy was born :)

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  1. Boys are something special. I can say I was clueless too! And I am from a family of boys, but it is entirely different when it is your own. I love the bond a boy has with his daddy and his grandpa. I am so beyond happy that he was there to experience that and love on him. What beautiful memories (and pics) you have!